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About Me: My skillset ranges across both the artistic and technical sides of VFX, using both 2D and 3D software. Most recently, I have been at UNIT9, applying these skills inside of a VR settings. I have had to use a great deal of ingenuity to come up with solutions for this for the most part non-standardized side of Visual Effects, creating custom workflows, developing the internal pipeline and creating tools/gizmos for other artists to use. Whilst at University, I became very interested in the inner workings of Visual Effects, trying to learn how to both use and develop extensions to hone my programming experience (something I've been practicing for the last 10 years) inside of Maya, Nuke and Houdini. Work Experience: ATD (Double Negative) 2016 - Present After enjoying my time at UNIT9, I switched to an exclusively developer role at Double Negative, switching from using primarily Nuke to jumping between Maya, Houdini, Clarisse and Nuke. Along with this switching from advertising to feature film. Helping assist Pipeline TDs Fixing bugs / Adding features to the current pipeline Managing problems as they come on the fly, which can manifest itself as anything from shot debugging to coding Implementing / Creating show specific requests Nuke Compositor (UNIT9) 2015 - 2016 After initially interning at UNIT9, I was offered a place on their paid internship program, primarily using Nuke, however depending on what the project needed, adapting to other work flows and software. After finishing my time interning I was brought on full time as a Junior Nuke Compositor. Handling shots from start to finish Keying, Compositing, Rotoscoping (Both traditional 2D and 360 Video) Stitching 360 videos, including complex ones Programming in house tools, scripts and gizmos to help production (generally in Python, occasionally jumping to C/C++ where appropriate) Developing workflows for situations which previously didn't have one Working to the fast work pace of advertising to help meet needs Intern (UNIT9) 2015 - 2015 Unit 9 is a multidisciplinary production company that work in the fields of Films, Advertising, Games and VR. While there I spent my time in the films office, which deal primarily with films and postproduction for adverts. This allowed me to have a better insight to how the company operates in its day-to-day operation. Making sure everything in the office is in order Practically solving solutions without direction Assisting the production in researching, running and managerial tasks Assisting the production team with casting and running on a shoot Assisting the post production team with clean up within Nuke Working to the fast work pace of advertising to help meet needs BFX (Bournemouth University) Lead Compositor / Technical Specialist 2013 BFX is designed to celebrate and promote the visual effects and animation industry, inspire the next wave of talent and share the latest knowledge. Launched in summer 2013, the best VFX and animation students across the country took part in a 6-week competition. Working efficiently as part of a team. Effectively communicating problems and then addressing them. Independently finding and fixing problems. Creating automatic work flows to help optimize timescale. Working to a very tight deadline. Le Voir and Co Limited / RAMP Web Designer & Developer 2012 - 2013 Peter Le Voir provides advice at the start up, growth and exit stages of a firm's development; and can become Director if invited and appropriate. RAMP is a website that provides styling and fashion tips for those with impairments or those who are just interested in fashion. Communicating with the client to meet their specific needs. Efficiently correcting problems and implementing changes. Producing documentation for the end user. Working to deadlines efficiently. Education: 2012 - 2015 BA (Hon) Animation (Ravensbourne) This course teaches the knowledge and skills appropriate to careers in 3D and traditional animation. 2011 - 2012 UAL Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design) (Ravensbourne) This course allowed me to experience a broad range of subjects such as Graphics, Lens Based Media, Fashion and 3D Development. Skills: Software Microsoft Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Outlook Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Flash / Premier Pro Autodesk Maya / SideFX Houdini / The Foundry Nuke Programming C / C++ / x86 asm / PHP / MySQL / SQLite / Python / Java / Actionscript / Javascript / HTML / CSS Art based skills Fine arts / Animation / Concept Art / Storyboarding / Logo design / Typography Compositing / Rotoscoping / Simulations / Prototyping / Pattern Cutting / Sewing