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Please note: Anything scripted that relates to Visual Effects / Games, will be in the Visual Effects / Games page. All scripts unless otherwise stated are released under the MIT license Websites: There are a list of some of the websites I programmed. All the back engines were coded from scratch and tailored individually to each client. Peter LeVoir asked me to design and code a personal website for him, promoting himself and his skills. I wrote a set of tools along that work behind the scenes that allow him to comfortably update the site with ease. RAMP is a website that Tiffany Dhani asked me code for her, to help promote fashion aimed at those with disabilities. KAGoulias is a website for Kelly Goulias, to help promote her fashion label KAGoulias. Tools: HexBoard Hexboard is a forum package, with heavy emphasis on security, it requires PHP and SQLite to operate. Using SQLite makes a great deal easier to back up the database generated, but at the same time, without the correct keys makes it pretty impossible to read. Comes with an in-built installer which you will be greated with when accessing it with a browser. Ravensbourne Harvard Reference Generator for Web Links I wrote this during my time on the Foundation course at Ravensbourne, it has since proved remarkably useful for my degree. Paste your links into the box, set the date and click Submit There are some links that cause it to crash, if this is the case, try to only generate 10 links at a time. This does not work correctly with YouTube links. (Source Code) Convert to/from Binary Simple to use tool to convert to and from Binary. Convert to/from Hexadecimal Simple to use tool to convert to and from Hexadecimal (It also has the option to format it in a web friendly way by adding %'s). tripCrack Tripcode Cracker (Comes with source code and precompiled Win32 binary, should compile on any GCC) TripCodeCrack x86 An earlier version of tripCrack, written primarily in x86 assembly language, comes with source and win32 binary Python Proxy Module Generator A Python script that allows you to easily build proxy modules, mainly for the purpose of using autocomplete in IDEs like Aptana or eclipse etc. This was really inteded to be used with Nuke, Maya and Houdini so it would be easier to program scripts for them, but due to the nature of this script, it could be easily adapted to work with any package, hence why it is on this page and not VFX. Entertainment: Canvas-based Mastermind The classic game Mastermind, using Canvas! Canvas-based Starsystem A Screen Saver like procedural starsystem, which rotates around. Move mouse around to change brightness. kBot (IRC Bot) An IRC bot I wrote when I use to spend a lot more time on IRC, it's written in Java. You can write custom modules which can be loaded at runtime by adding it to config.ini, which is where you'll want to add other info, such as who the master is, what server to join etc Along with this, it supports SSL and comes with the following modules: Core (Core functions, which must always be loaded first), Blackjack, Math (which can evaulate equations), Hash (for hashing algorithms) and Misc (weather and date).